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"Hot Rod Chopper"
My first attempt at building a bike
I have taken bikes apart and customized them before, but I had never really "built" one. I had a lot of help with ideas and materials from my friends, Chuck and Ron Wendt. Chuck and Ron are the owners of Rowe Machine, master of motorcycle wheels. The paint work was handled by Shane Salisbury of Wetcoats Inc. The engine was built by H&L Performance in Wallingford, CT. All of the metal work and those "one off" beautiful custom pipes was accomplished by Jamie Miller of Miller Racing, also of Wallingford. Jamie is the master of metal. The Hot Rod theme starts with the piant job which is House of Colors Candy Blue and Silver. The two colors are broken up with a simulated chrome strip and 57 Chevy aluminum fins on the rear fender. Instead of Bel-Air, the say Judy and Steve on them. There is a diner on the tank with 6 of my actual cars painted on it. The "Bad Coupe" is going away from you on the rear fender. The rear axle covers have Drew and Derek engraved on them, which are my two Grandsons. The engine point cover is Engraved Laura, Drew and Dereks mom and my beloved daughter. The Ignition cover is in memory of our other daughter, Sandy. To keep with the theme, we have a pair of "Moon Eyes" on one side of the oil bag and "Mr. Horsepower" on the other side. All of this is actually air brushed on by Shane. I am running a set of Weber IDF Carbs for the hot rod look. Check out the cleanliness of the bike. I hope you like it.

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