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The Big Block 55
1955 Chevy, 210 post car
This is my latest project. Mt reasoning for doing this car is this was my second car when i was 16. I fell in love with "shoe box Chevys" right then. I always wanted the best for that car but I could only afford so much. After many upgrades from the original 235 Six cylinder stick, it's final configuration was a 283, 3/4 cam,solid lifter, tri-power, V-8 with the 3 speed on the floor. I rolled this car over because I was not mature enough to handle it. I was depressed over that. This car is undergoing a radical change. I have an Art Morrison Chassis for it with A Street & Performance prepared big block fitting between the rails. A Tremec 5 speed from Kiesler Engineering will couple the engine to the 9" narrowed rear end. The paint and metal work will be handled by Derick Pesco of Allstar Hot Rods. I am still thinking and contemplating the interior. I will be updateing this car as it goes along.

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